Descendants of the Sun   My Amazing Boyfriend   The Village: Achiara’s Secret   Marriage Contract   Mirror of the Witch   Six Flying Dragons   Assembly   The Secret Message   Vampire Detective   Refresh Man  

New Drama Series

  • Dear_My_Friends-p2
    Dear My Friends
  • The_Flower_in_Prison-p2
    The Flower in Prison
  • Mirror_of_the_Witch-p1
    Mirror of the Witch
  • Beautiful_Gong_Shim-p1
    Beautiful Gong Shim
  • Another_Miss_Oh-p1
    Another Miss Oh
  • My Amazing Boyfriend
    My Amazing Boyfriend
  • The_Master_of_Revenge-p1
    Master: God of Noodles
  • Entertainer_(Korean_Drama)-p1
  • refreshman
    Refresh Man
  • Vampire_Detective-p1
    Vampire Detective
  • Monster_(Drama_Series)-tp1
  • Page_Turner-p1
    Page Turner
  • Goodbye_Mr_Black-p3
    Goodbye Mr. Black
  • Marriage_Contract-p1
    Marriage Contract
  • Come_Back_Mister-p1
    Come Back Mister
  • Descendants_of_the_Sun-p1
    Descendants of the Sun
  • Signal_(Korean_Drama)-p1
  • Madame_Antoine-p1
    Madame Antoine
  • Puck-KD-p01
  • One_More_Happy_Ending-p1
    One More Happy Ending

New Show Series

  • WGMSeason4
    We Got Married
  • IC
    Infinite Challenge
  • ApinkShowTime
    APink ShowTime
  • The-Return-of-Superman-Logo
    The Return Of Superman
  • Channel-SNSD
    Channel SNSD
  • jungsis
    Jessica & Krystal (Cover Girls)
  • running-man-tv.40937
    Running Man

Latest Movies

  • Assassination_Korean_Movie-p2
    Assassination (2015)
  • Beauty_Inside-p02
    The Beauty Inside 2015
  • Northern_Limit_Line-p1
    Northern Limit Line 2015
  • Twenty_Korean_Movie-p1
    Twenty 2015
  • Perfect_Proposal-e2
    Perfect Proposal 2015